Once the goals and objectives of the client have been established we begin a detailed study of the existing conditions of the site. This allows us to inventory its unique physical characteristics, identify potential design opportunities and constraints, and analyze the site’s overall potential with respect to the project.

The conceptual design phase is truly a collaborative, creative effort in which we begin to explore preliminary design ideas. A variety of alternative concepts are created, evaluated and presented to the client for review and feedback. In this critical phase the continued refinement of conceptual ideas evolves and ultimately forms the foundation on which the design will progress.

During the design development phase, we devote our efforts to refining the desired concept plan. This phase also includes the selection of materials, preliminary cost estimation and budgetary considerations, and working closely with the client as many of the design details are finalized.

Upon acceptance of a final design concept and proposed construction budget, we move to the final phase of our design process. This includes the preparation of additional plans as necessary, including layout and materials, site grading, planting, and lighting plans. At this time we also prepare finalized cost estimates for the construction of the project.