The MacDowell Company has not only developed a highly regarded reputation for designing many of the area’s finest landscapes, but also for managing and implementing those designs through its construction services. Our construction services are comprehensive and include all types of masonry and planting. These services also include general site development elements, such as: pools, lighting, irrigation systems, fencing and structures, fire and water features, driveways, recreation courts, play equipment, etc.

Our highly experienced and dedicated project managers, masons and planting artisans have an unrivaled ability to execute superior landscape installations. Our project managers, being an integral part of each design process, are better suited than anyone to oversee the construction phase of the project. They ensure that the design is implemented and constructed in a manner consistent with the true design intent of our architects and the wishes of our clients.

The MacDowell Company construction team is made up of true masonry and landscape planting craftsmen. Our head masons have decades of industry experience and care for each project property as if it was their own. Our plant installation teams are some of the best in the landscape industry. From careful plant material selection and handling to proper final installation, our teams take great pride in their work and the finished product.